Chris Heller, Keller Williams President Interview | Tim and Julie Harris Superstar

Agents, read this ASAP….we have very special Superstar interview for you this week..

….Chris Heller..Top Producing agent and President of Keller/ Williams International…is this weeks Tim and Julie Harris Superstar.

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Chris Heller interview Questions:

* Where do you sell real estate?

* How long have you sold real estate?

* What did you do before you decided to be a Realtor?

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* Tell us about your market?

* Tell us about your team?

* How have you changed your real estate team over the last few years?

* Over the last 5 years…how many homes has your team sold?

* You have been a top selling agent for years (and years)…how did you have to change to meet this new market?

* What were the biggest challenges you and your team had to overcome from…3 years ago…to today?

* Looking back, when did you really feel like you could do it…be successful in real estate for the long term?

* Did you ever doubt that you would be as successful as you are now?

* Do you ever have doubts now?

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* How do you stay on track, what are your weekly min standards?

* How do you work on days you don’t feel like working?

* How can you possibly manage your time…a successful real estate business, a real estate team, owner of market centers…AND the President of Keller/ Williams International…and still have a ‘life’?

* As President of Keller/ Williams International….what exactly do you do?

* How do you keep it all in balance…? (or is balance a myth?)

* Talk to us about the importance of your goal setting process and execution?

* Lead generation…tell us what your team does to generate so many transactions?

* When I say the word..SKILLS…what does that mean to you?

* Lead generation wise…marketing wise…if you could only do ONE thing…to generate business..what would that be?

* Are referrals are a big source of business for you?…what do you do to cultivate?

* What has surprised you most about what has happened so far in your real estate market over the last few years?

* What will surprise your market this year?

Listen NOW to the replay!

* Why YOU? Why are you so successful now when so many other agents are struggling?

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