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More About Jeremy:

Do you spend thousands of dollars on marketing and then waste the interaction it creates?

I run a company that spends a lot of time and money connecting home sellers with real estate professionals.  One of our biggest struggles is convincing real estate agents and investors to treat every phone call, every lead, as if it had $50,000 attached to it.

Especially in small businesses, we tend to get back to people “when it’s convenient” – well, that doesn’t work in the Internet world, where 50 of your competitors are 1 click away and ready to respond faster and better than you are.

And you may not even know it’s happening – most customers won’t say “someone else called me back before you did, so I’m working with them” – they just won’t call you back at all, leaving you to wonder what happened.

In the Internet economy – the research shows that if you take more than 15 minutes to get back to any new prospect who contacts you via a your web site, or a lead who fills out a form, or someone who leaves you a phone message – your chances plummet of ever working with them at all.

That’s something to think about when spending thousands of dollars or more each month trying to reach qualified customers.

Seth Godin (marketing genius and author) has a great post on his blog about this – and how letting an employee who isn’t amazing at customer service answer the phone can waste all your marketing dollars…

The $20,000 phone call

When a homeowner decides to put his house on sale and calls a broker…

When he calls the moving company…

When a family arrives in town and calls someone recommended as the family doctor…

When a wealthy couple calls their favorite fancy restaurant looking for a reservation…

Go down the list. Stockbrokers, even hairdressers. And not just people who recently moved. When a new referral shows up, all that work and expense, and then the phone rings and it gets answered by your annoyed, overworked, burned out, never very good at it anyway receptionist, it all falls apart.

What is the doctor thinking when she allows her neither pleasant nor interested in new patients receptionist to answer the phone?

– Seth Godin

Questions for Jeremy:

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- Speed of follow-up, many agents waste opportunity because they aren’t calling people back fast enough

- Running a business vs. having a job – most agents have a job not a business

- Marketing systems and automation – Why it’s important, and how to systematize your entire sales funnel

- How to evaluate the quality of any marketing source

- Business metrics – if you don’t measure it, you don’t know if it’s working

- Why should agents focus on short sales and distressed property?

- You’ve had have more press attention than anyone in your industry, how did you do that? (and how can agents “own the ink” in their market?)

- What are the top mistakes you see agents make?

- What is a “motivated home seller”?

Jeremy’s Bio:

Throughout the ’90s Jeremy worked for numerous high-tech companies in the areas of network design and project management.  In 1998 he was recruited by Scient Consulting, and was the youngest person ever to become a Director at the firm.

After the technology meltdown, he began investing in real estate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  This led to the formation of, a company that connects distressed home sellers with experienced real estate investors.

As one of the first people to begin working with distressed home sellers via the Internet, Jeremy quickly grew to be one of the largest companies of its kind.  Since its formation, has helped over 320,000 individual home owners representing $73.6 billion worth of residential real estate.

In 2007, after seeing the fraud going on in the real estate industry, he founded 1-800-CashOffer to provide a national brand under which ethical investors could operate.  The company quickly garnerednational media attention, and has been covered by hundreds of media outlets including CNBC, CNN, Larry King Live, FOX News, Tokyo TV and others.

Jeremy is also President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Dallas Chapter, and has served in various board roles there.

He attends Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas and volunteers in various capacities there.

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