Ken Brand, Tim and Julie Harris Superstar Interview

Meet this week’s Tim and Julie Harris Superstar, Ken Brand.

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I am on a mission

Thirty-two years ago, when I became a salesman in the real estate business, I wasn’t on a mission. I grasped and struggled for years. Today, all these years later, hundreds of thousands of real estate sales agents still grasp and struggle. Grasping for respect and self-respect, struggling for success.

The painful problem is that most everything a real estate sales agent is taught about how to sell and succeed is lame, rude and un smart in today’s consumer culture. For decades, and even now, most all of thesales training for agents is based on proven sales techniques and personal marketing strategies that kicked-ass-and-took-names during the baby boomer era. Shouting, bragging and me-centered selfishselling doesn’t fly these days. People hate it.

So I’m on a mission to help sales people understand how to earn trust and create Top of Mind Awareness, understand and appreciate modern human behavior, psychographics, Transmedia strategies, how to navigate cyber space and ride social media waves, learn how to consciously overcome subconscious barriers and basically succeed financially; with both self-respect and respect.

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So about three years ago, in the evenings and on the weekends, I started writing. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from thirty-two years of study and in-the-trenches sales and management experience (San Diego, Austin, Aspen and The Woodlands TX) and put it into a 287 page book titled Less BLAH BLAH More Ah Ha – How social savvy real estate agents become trusted, preferred, referred – and rewarded Although the book is dedicated to real estate agents, the principals and perspectives apply to anyone who sells personal services to fellow human beings.

More About Kens Book:

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Here’s The Problem . . .

Hateful real estate market conditions are traumatic enough without the compound fracture of sizzling competition and sky-high consumer expectations. Old school selfish-selling styles, along with chasing strangers, spamming, badgering friends and other unattractive and unproductive behaviors is causing real estate agents in Houston and across the country to struggle for relevance, self-respect and success.

Here’s The Solution . . .

Ken’s book shines a flood light on how to create modern success and self-respect by focusing on others; how to listen, share, communicate and serve real people in the real world — a place w3here selfish sales strategies, arrogance and insensitivity are shunned.

The book leads readers through the three stages of Social Savvy Success.  In Stage One the reader discovers the philosophical foundations for becoming more visible, choosable, and referable.  In short, how to attract, instead of chase.  In Chapters One to Eight the reader learns precisely what business they are really in; The Two True Secrets to Success; the high-impact dynamics of Top of Mind Awareness and how to earn True Blue Trust.

But it’s not enough just to know what to do.  Most real estate agents fail to get where they’re trying to go because they get in their our own way.  Stage Two of the book acknowledges and addresses the self-imposed emotional and mental obstacles that stop real estate agents from moving forward.  Chapters Nine through Thirteen cover how to face and consciously-conquer subconscious fears; slay self-doubt; why it’s wise to use psychographics to connect with their tribes, networks, and niches; what The Golden Rule 2.0 is all about, and why they can’t win without it.  Of course no modern book would be complete without a chapter on how to ride the social media wave; enhance character-confirmation: and become discoverable, findable and sharable (aka, how to become omnipresent).

Once the reader has learned what behaviors and actions work and how to get out of their own way, it’s time to apply some practical, simple-to-follow ideas that will help them attract, discover, and create new opportunities.  Stage Three (Chapters Fourteen to Twenty-Three) shares forty instantly implementable action events that put everything the reader has learned into play – becoming trusted, choosable, referable – and rewarded.

About the Author – Ken Brand

Ken Brand is the Sales Manager of Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors multi-award winning Research Forest Office in The Woodlands TX.
Ken also presents at social media events, is a guest contributor for one o f t h e n a t i o n ’ s m o s t r e a d o n l i n e r e a l e s t a t e
magazines:, and teaches sales and business development classes for Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors (Houston,
TX) and The Wizard Academy (Austin, TX) You can learn more about Ken Google searching “Ken Brand” or connecting with him in these online
For more information, images, or to schedule an interview with Ken Brand, please contact:
Lauren B. Mansour at Brand Allure Public Relations
p. 310.857.6658 / m. 832.515.7554 / e.

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