2012 Housing Trends | Fannie Mae Bulk REO Property Sales Program (Video)

Looking for 2012 Housing Trends?

We are expecting the banks and Fannie/ Freddie to (FINALLY) embrace investors..heres why:

Massive imbalance in supply and demand on homes. Maybe ‘massive’ is an understatement. Its estimated that 8-10 Million homes are headed for foreclosure over the next 5-6 years. There simply are not enough normal organic buyers to absorb this massive over supply.  This huge gap in supply and demand will plague the market unless there is a radical approach to selling off the REOs. And that is exactly what is expected. As we shared with you last year Fannie Mae is going to introduce new programs that will invite small, medium and large institutional investors (think Hedge Funds) to buy in bulk.

As more information on the expected Fannie Mae bulk sales  program is leaked you can be guaranteed we will tell you.

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Great CNBC Video:

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