$120,000 4 Years 4 Months

$42,000 Credit Cards (6 cards total)
$78,000 Student Loans

Last student loan deposited today! Monthly loan amount $500; this payment $3180.90; average monthly payment for the last year $1500.
Last year I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and last month, wow, one more month and this thing is done! And now it is over!

Did I have friends laugh at me? Oh yeah, and these friends had money problems also! Times were tough for them, but they could some-how afford Starbucks $3-4 coffee. They drive nice cars with nice size car payments. I bought a 1988 Camry for $1700 cash and it does the job getting me back and forth to work and taking my three kids to sporting events and school at 25-30 mpg. I will sell this in a few months after I have a chance to save for a newer car (cash).

Are you worth it? Is your family worth it? Yes, you and you family are worth it! That’s why you are here reading these stories (I have been in the same place as you, reading these) to give you encouragement that it can be done.

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Finally, there are great stories and advice here to give you encouragement, but it comes down to you to make it happen. You can send someone to the best rehab place for treatment, but THEY have to do the treatment, no one can make them go thru it.
Follow the Baby Steps and if you ever get a chance to see Dave live, do it!

Shane 44 years old

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