No more Credit Card Debt!!!

I started Dave’s program in June 2011 after taking a good long look at my life and realizing that I didn’t want to keep up with the Jones’s (actually my 2 income siblings’ households). When I started, my mother actually thought I had joined a cult, but I just kept telling her my Daveism’s..You know the ones I am talking about. I would tell her that I was going to live like no one else now so that later I could live like no one else. My favorite and the one I quote all the time is “You can get anywhere if you just go one step at a time.”
I am still on baby step #2 but since June of 2011 I have paid off 14,617 worth of stupid debt, and as of right now…I have NO CREDIT CARD DEBT for the first time since I was 18 years old!!! As I am almost 36 years old that is almost half of my life. Sorry for the exclamation points and bold text but I am just so excited. I have my debt snowball blown up to posterboard size and posted on my fridge so I can keep on track. I tell all my friends about Dave Ramsey and when my mom was visiting me recently she burst out laughing when she wanted me to buy something and I told her Dave would not approve..She asked who Dave was and I jokingly repied..”you know, the guy from the Cult… She is on board now seeing my progress and soon Sallie Mae will be kicked out of my house. I only wish that I had found Dave 15 years ago and my highlighted copy of the Total Money Makeover is sitting on my living room table. Thank You Dave, for giving me the tools and support that I needed to change my life completely. I look forward to the day someday soon when I can call in on friday with my own debt free scream. Thanks again!!!

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