Bank Shadow Inventory Increases | 2011 Housing Predictions

Breaking Housing News…

National Association of Realtors home sales data shows continued home value loss….and LPS reports on the simply massive number of bank Shadow Inventory of soon to be foreclosures…4 million foreclosures are expected over the next 24 months!

There are 2 things we know for sure…without any doubt, foreclosures will increase. AND the need for qualified agents to list and sell them will increase dramatically. Its not too late for you to become a REO Listing Agent. Watch the FREE Agent REO Secrets video and download the FREE how to list REOs book.

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Question for you think home values will increase or decrease in 2011? Share your comments…

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  1. When the experts can not predict how the real estate market will shape up in the next few years, how can the agents in the trenches know? It is still a buyers’ market here in Central Minnesota, houses are being bought and sold but the prices are down and continuing to decrease. If you are selling and buying, with the low interest rates- it may well be the time to get into the market. If you are waiting until things improve, it could be a long wait.