Powerful Motivational Ideas (and Video) | HREU Real Estate Training

10 Ways To Find Inspiration, from HREU Coaches, Joel and Michele McClintock

1. Consult your dreams. It’s easy to get bogged down by the many tasks and busy schedules each week presents to our lives. Take a few minutes each week or every month to really think about what your dreams are.

2. Physical exertion. Challenging yourself physically can be very inspiring and can give you great energy. This also gives you time to do what you feel with your mind – you can think though challenges, or let your mind escape the day to some of your favorite music.

3. Watch the sunrise or the sunset. This gives you a good chance to reflect on the day ahead or behind you.

4. Travel. Seeing new places and meeting new people can be very inspiring. Even if you aren’t a very social person – take a weekend and put yourself in a different environment that you find to be enjoyable. Some ideas could be camping, scenic drives, visit a local town known for great architecture, walk the beach (since you’re lucky enough to be near one!), etc.

5. Get organized. Clean up your office or your house and get organized. File, throw away, figure out what you need, etc. to put yourself in a position to move forward in a positive direction – this will inspire you to take on what’s next. Sometimes clutter and useless stuff lingers in our workspace or home and slows productivity and advancement.

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6. Be a volunteer. Give an hour of your time to a local organization. You’ll meet great people and have a pure, good feeling that you’ve given your time to help someone in need.

7. Lose the routine. Do something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t usually do – something that’s not in your everyday routine. Wake up extra early and take a walk or get a cup of coffee and think about the day ahead of you. If you’re not a reader, read. If you’re not active, take a walk or go for a run. The options are endless for breaking your routine.

8. Share. Involve others in your thoughts, feelings, desires, goals, opinions, etc. Invite others to share those things with you. You’ll find that doing this opens up your mind in many ways. Life is a constant learning process. By sharing, you are inadvertently teaching yourself and laying the groundwork for what action you should take next.

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9. Visit the Bookstore / Library. Spending some time around a ton of books is a way to get you thinking about different things. Whatever your interests are in life – you better believe there are some books out there that can expand your thinking and knowledge base.

10. Finish a 7 Day Challenge. Everybody thinks about things they’d like to do more or less of – it’s natural. Often times you may be thinking about making some kind of change for week, months, even years at times. The easiest and most effective way to get the ball rolling – is to challenge yourself for 7 days. Start small – complete your challenge. Accomplishment is a huge source of inspiration and motivation.

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