Do You Have ‘Social Media Shiny Object Syndrome’?

From the National Association of Realtors (I LOVE this post…) Hats off to Todd Carpenter for saying it like it is..

The big story in the blogosphere this week is that Facebook has released Timeline for business pages. Blogs will be written, tweets will be made, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few webinars in the works. All of this is great. But just remember one thing;

Nobody cares about your Facebook page.

I wrote that post two years ago when the latest shiny object was that everyone needed to have a custom landing tab for their Facebook business page. Since then, many crazes have come and gone. Quora, QR Codes, Empire Avenue … the list goes on. Some of these shiny objects are just plain fun, and it’s okay to play, just don’t call it work. But too often, I see real estate agents spending way to much time chasing the latest shiny object for their business.

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This week we are obsessed with Facebook again. The question at the heart of all the chatter: How are we going to take advantage of all these new features? If you have a business page, you probably should take a look at what has changed. But just like two years ago, the real issue is the business strategy behind your online efforts. Have you been spending your time trying to learn how to master the latest shiny object before you’ve even determined why you need to? Are you focused on pinning or winning?

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Here are five tips for avoiding social media syndrome. It’s a good list. Remember to focus on the proven stuff that already works and let others chase the latest shiny objects.

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  1. Phil Bordeaux says:

    Finally a sensible post about all this social media crap. Not only is facebook useless, as a former private investigator, information expert, and resident of Silicon Valley for 25 years during the birth and blossoming of the internet and the web, I can tell you that its’ also extremely dangerous.

    You might think you don’t post anything anyone can use, but few people understand how even inncuous information can be correlated to use for any number of purposes. That’s not even touching on the ways that all your information is tracked, stored and resold without your knowledge. If you think privacy settings will protect you, you’re obviously ignorant in extremus.

    That said, what’s always touted is Facebooks 500 million plus user pool. But fully 1/3 of those are fake or mostly dormant accounts and the vast majority are people who will probably be living in their parents basements until they are 30.

    Think about you really think people who think a good use of their time is spending hours on some dopey virtual farm producing virtual crops and tending virtual animals? These people are not “social media users” ..they are social retards who create virtual lives and fake personae to disguise the emptiness in their lives. Not exactly the ideal prospects.

    Try spending all that time you waste on “social media” actually learning your craft and doing a good job for the clients you do have. Referrals are still your best long term source of business and you don’t get them screwing around or blogging on facebook as if someone really cares about every thought that rattles through your empty head.

    Everyone is an “expert” these your claims to be one and all your market profundity is just so much background static in people’s lives. What matters is results.