Eric Blackwell SEO Guru | Tim and Julie Harris Superstar Interview!

DSC_0562Join us for this weeks FREE Tim and Julie Harris Superstar Interview…

This weeks Star, Eric Blackwell.

Eric is a well known and respected SEO expert.

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EVENT: Super Star Interview
DATE & TIME: Friday, January 22nd at 9:00am Pacific
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

Here is Eric’s Bio:

Eric is the Director of Technology for RE/MAX Properties East in Louisville Ky, where he teaches, trains and assists 110 agents with technology and online marketing initiatives. He also runs the company’s website, which generated over 7,000 leads for the agents and generated scores of closings.
Eric speaks nationally on Search Engine Oprtimization and online marketing issues in the real estate industry and has been featured at conferences such as HomeGain Live Nation, RealEstateWebmasters, and Bloodhound Blog Unchained. He is an avid blogger and has written posts in major national real estate blogs for years. In 2010 he is also scheduled to teach Search Engine Optimization stategies at the RE/MAX International Convention in Orlando Florida.
Eric runs his own search engine marketing firm,, and consults with both small businesses and national websites looking to increase their market exposure online. He also has recently opened a small business website development firm in Southern Indiana, where he lives,  Much of the activities of these two businesses is centered on joint ventures, where he partners with REALTORS (and many others in different industries) to help them build their businesses in exchange for a piece of the business that he generates.
Eric and Jen Blackwell have 4 kids, from 11 to 18 years old and enjoy spending time with them and helping them reach their potential.

For those non-techie types (me included) that don’t know what SEO is…and perhaps more importantly…not sure why you need to know about SEO…here are a few of the questions I have prepared for Eric:

1. Please tell us a little bit about your background and what you do… You call yourself a “technologist” as well as a Search Engine Optimization Consultant. What brought you to that background?

2. We are talking today about Online Reputation Management. What is that? and How does it work?

3. So Online Reputation Management is about 1) Monitoring your reputation 2) Building your Reputation and 3) Protecting your Reputation. What tools can a real estate professional use to monitor their online reputation?

4. It sounds like “monitoring” your reputation is like monitoring your credit rating… How do you go about building your online reputation? What tools do you need for that?
Follow up question: Can’t you use those same tools for monitoring your competitors?

5. Are there certain keywords that you need to protect? For a real estate professional where are you most vulnerable?

6. What if your name is a common one and other agents have the same name?

7. What do you do if you see someone putting negative things about you online? What are the steps you take? Can’t you just sue them and make them take incorrect data off of the internet? What about contacting the search engines?

8. So how does online reputation management relate to Search engine optimization?

9. If someone wants to improve their Online Reputation Managment how would they go about it?

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